architecture drawing


Create a detailed architecture drawing in LucidChart that shows for an app that: Depicts a mobile client front-end, Clearly identifies middleware and cloud-based applications, Details back-end data stores or remotely invoked object calls, and Saved as a .PDF from Lucid Chart. The app allows
to be able to track their progress towards earning their degree as well as
their estimated graduation date.
can quickly access information on what classes they still need to complete, if
there are any pre-requisites they need to complete first, when the classes are
offered, and how many credits each class is. It will also give students the option to test
out of certain classes if they believe they already possess the knowledge or
have previously taken a course that is similar to what they would learn in that
Make sure the PDF answers the following:

What data are you using? Where are you obtaining it? What sync service are you using? What specific cloud apps and API calls are you using?

I should be able to tell what your app does by looking at your diagram.

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