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People are members of many different groups – art majors, computer science majors, gamers etc. Outsiders often stereotype these groups, believing they know what characteristics members of these groups tend to share. Choose a group of which you are (or were once) a member and argue the ways this group is and/or isn’t like the stereotype outsiders hold of it. Assume you are writing for an audience of people outside of the group who are curious about what the group is “really” like. Be sure to offer specific examples and details to support your argument, which may include a larger position on stereotyping in general.

1. Include a thesis statement to focus your discussion.

2. Make your main points clear and explicit.

3. Develop your points with specific examples and details.

4. Write your paper with a clear audience and a purpose in mind.

5. Maintain a consistent point of view.

6. Provide a well-developed introduction and conclusion.

7. Proofread carefully, especially for fragments, run-ons, and pronoun problems.

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