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Arizona State University Amazon’s TWOS Analysis Report


For this part of your organizational assessment you are asked to:

  • Complete a TOWS analysis for your organization. You may use the worksheet provided or write in outline form. (1 page)
  • Extend your TOWS analysis by adding identifying at least three aspirations and results that come out of the internal cells (S-O, S-T, W-O and W-T) of your TOWS analysis. (1 page)
  • Based on the work on Organizational Entrepreneurism, Innovation and Strategy that we have explored in this class respond briefly to the following three questions as applied to your organization (from Moonshots: Achieving Breakthrough Innovation in Established Organizations) (2 pages):
  1. How are the limits to value creation in your business model anchored in ideas from the past?
  2. What new ideas-enabled by current technology and the aspirations of the next generation of leaders in your organization- have the potential to shape breakthrough value? Is this a “shaping” opportunity?
  3. What are the implications of your organization’s mission, values and purpose in light of these new ideas? If your organization were unconstrained by the past, what would be the best way to fulfill its mission over the next five to ten years?

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