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Art Analysis- Renaissance to Modern Survey


TOPIC: you will have a choice of any work of art from the period in any medium. You should pick a work and make sure you select an original work of art – not a recreation of a work of
art. Make sure you address all of the formal elements of the work thoroughly. Also, make sure you
ANALYZE the work – do not just describe it. For example, do not tell what colors are used, tell
me what effect those colors have on the work, on the viewer, etc. This requires careful examination of the
work. It might be worth looking for a high resolution image online. No research is required!

LENGTH AND FORMAT: Your paper should be approximately 2.5-3 (full) pages long , double-spaced, with
margins of 1″ all around and a standard 12-point font size. You do NOT need to include a title
page, report cover. Please include an image of your work. Although you need not do any research on
your work, if you consult an outside source, you should give all the bibliographic information for any
source you use and you must always give specific page numbers. You can use any citation style but be
consistent (MLA. APA). Remember, citing a work means citing the point in your text that you used it
and including a bibliography/works cited page. Employ terminology and concepts to create a systematic and thorough
physical description and analysis of the subject. Be sure that your analysis is clear and useful; it should
move in a logical manner rather than just discussing the formal elements simply as a list. Don’t engage in interpretation –don’t go into decipher the meaning.
Try to create a clear analysis of the work that flows logically.
You should frame your observations through paragraphs that are conceptually and grammatically linked.
Make sure you clearly organize your writing so that your analysis is thorough but not repetitious or
tedious. Be sure to analyze all of the formal elements as thoroughly as you can.

I will provide a guideline/outline that will aide you once you get started…

Do let me know asap what work of you have chosen

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