Question 1

Use the image in the following and write a COMBINED ANALYSIS for that artwork. The analysis should be 500 words and should include at least 3 different Modes of Analyses, in addition to a brief formal analysis. Please make clear to your reader which modes you are employing. Each mode should offer a thorough analysis of the artwork. Here are the combined analysis options- Formal Analysis • Stylistic Analysis Gender Analysis • Psychological Analysis Feminist Analysis Contextual Analysis • Biographical Analysis • Iconographic Analysis • Marxist Analysis (Pick any 4 types of them to analyze the artwork)

The essay should begin with a brief description of the image (use formal analysis). This description does not need to be very detailed, but should provide a solid base on which you can mount your combined analysis.

The grade will be based on the breadth, depth, and insight of your analysis. A good combined analysis will explore the discourse, or conversation, about an artwork. I am not expecting you to create original scholarship on these artworks, but to show a grasp of the basic art history surrounding them. You should make your best effort to write a cohesive and organized essay. Everything should be in your OWN WORDS, and if you use any references please cite them!!

Image – Pablo Picasso, Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier), 1910

Question 2

Watch the following film and write a brief report about the movie. Answer the questions in the file that I attached. Each question should be a paragraph about 150 words with your own words.

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