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Art of writing about food review assignment four page


Review Assignment Overview

Your second essay for this class will be a review written in the first-person that evaluates, judges, and takes a position on some food-related book, movie, TV show, cookbook, restaurant, or experience. You will have to form an argument regarding whether you find the object or creation you’re reviewing to be fulfilling its purpose in an effective and/or satisfying way for its intended audience and to do this, you will also need to provide evidence to support your argument in the form of your own considered claims along with quotes and paraphrases from the object or creation you’re reviewing. In other words, it’s not enough to simply base a review upon your opinions, which can sometimes be biased by our emotions or preconceived notions. Instead, we want to support our opinions with evidence and proof from the primary source (the thing we’re reviewing) or from secondary sources.

This isn’t about just a quick review of some food-related book, movie, TV show, or restaurant. This has to be an in-depth exploration engaging with the content, why it’s significant, how might it impact an audience or consumer, what does it reveal about some specific societal structure? The best reviews probe beneath the surface to offer insights regarding the cultural artifacts we consume. In other words, this is far beyond a Yelp! review.

Content and Audience

Your review should include thoughtful and rigorous analysis and evaluation of whatever you’re reviewing, support for claims in the form of evidence from the object of your review or outside of it from other sources (yes, you can include sources here), a consideration of your audience, and reflection and insights on the deeper significance of what you choose to review.


·Your Review should have a clearly recognizable stance that you support with evidence.

·It should evaluate something that’s currently important, popular, or significant.

·It should offer unique and original insights in its evaluation and judgment.

·Your Review will be four-full pages with 1-inch margins. You will use a 12-point, Times New Roman font and double-space your text. You will adhere to MLA citation and formatting style.

Form: The tone, register, and language should follow the conventions of this genre, meaning it should be written in the first-person in a conversational tone with engaging writing that invites the reader in and maintains their interest throughout.

Challenges: Some of you may have never written a review before, but the craft readings and sample reviews will help get you with becoming familiar with this genre and the conventions or rhetorical strategies employed within it. There may also be a tendency to make this a surface overview but avoid that. Reviews, when done well, are thoughtful, persuasive, and revealing.

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