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Write a 500-word descriptive statement that details the focus and explains the portfolio. This will be an umbrella-like description of the portfolio including the justification for the selections and issues/topics covered in the portfolio. Be sure to include this statement with the portfolio.

Here is brief of me , so you have idea what to write about

The previous difficulties that were in the life of Saudi women in the extreme era and how I tried to bring out and highlight the Arab beauty and intelligence and that the Saudi woman is a modern beautiful care of art and beauty and fashion through my focus on beauty and fashion and liberation and art in general. The role of art in the life of women, and I often imagine that art for women is her world, she is an artist in her dealings, and an artist in her motherhood. Artist women sow success in everything that revolves around them in a beautiful and optimistic manner and women are free regardless of their environment and whatever their status, nothing stands in front of her freedom and my work shows and reflects the beauty and sense of women

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