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Ashford University Demographic Information Essay


I only have one bulletin Over the next 4 weeks of this course, your team will be undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the budget of either a city or a county. Each week, your team will look at specific components of your selected city or county budget and CAFR. In Week 5, your team will combine the weekly assignments into one comprehensive report.

Select a city or county to use as the basis for this project.

Locate your selected city’s or county’s latest annual budget and comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). Both the budget and CAFRs are public documents and are readily available on the internet.

Prepare a 350- to 700-word overview of the government.

Include the following information in your overview:


Governmental structure

Size of budget and its interrelationship with the CAFR

Major industries located in the city or county

  • Budget calendar
  • Other pertinent demographic information
  • Political, economic, social, and cultural influences on the public budget

city we are doing is the city of Chesapeake, VA

my part is :

  • Other pertinent demographic information

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