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Assignment: Introduction ~ Reflective Essay Questions


What were your preconceived notions regarding HDFS 232 Diversity?

2. After reading the Introduction PowerPoint presentation, express what you feel to be the two most important takeaways? State why.

3. Open the Web
link in this module and read “Children Learn What They Live” by Dorothy
Law Nolte. Based on the poem and your own personal thoughts in terms of
diversity and adult role models, what meaning did you derive from this

4. Create
a Life-Map by writing a brief autobiography beginning with the day you
were born. This may be accomplished by interviewing family members and
perusing photo albums from when you were a child. Include your origin,
family culture, where you were born, the language or languages you
speak, where you grew up, present location, important people in your
life, milestones, accomplishments, dreams, goals, and life-changing
events along the way. What you include in this paper is up to you! The
finished product may be a private document that will be shared only with
your instructor, or you may want to share your paper with family and
friends. Your Life-Map must not exceed 2 pages. This is my favorite
assignment to review.

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