Assignment number 1


Hello, I need help working on this assignment. let me know if you need any further information.

The prompt is below.

WORD SOFTTARE IS REQUIRED: For me to be able to read and make comments on the assignments, they will have to be in the Word format.

StatCrunch Software is provided to you through the course shell links to do all the statistical analyses. The output from StatCrunch should be copied and pasted into your Word document for inclusion in the assignment where appropriate for full credit.

REQUIRED version of the homework:

Week1Assignment Sep 4 _7_.doc Week1Assignment Sep 4 _7_.doc – Alternative Formats

Read these “Suggestions,” – but you are not working in the Suggestions file, you are working in the Assignment file.:

Week One Homework Suggestions Sep 4.doc Week One Homework Suggestions Sep 4.doc – Alternative Formats

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