Assignment: The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment. - Academia Essay Writers

Assignment: The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment.

Assignment: The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment.

Assignment: The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment.


April Toepfer
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Re: Topic 8 DQ 1

The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment. It is the variable that you can control. It is called independent because its value does not depend on and is not affected by the state of any other variables in the experiment. The Dependent variable is the condition that you measure in the experiment. You are assessing how it responds to a change in the independent variable, so you can think of it as depending on the independent (Variables).
The independent variable in my EBP project would be post procedure infection and the dependent variable will be the type of solution used for skin preparation.
Independent and Dependent variables ? Retrieved from:

Dounfo Thelusma
3 posts
Re: Topic 8 DQ 1

The independent variable is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable. The dependent variable is the variable being tested and measured in an experiment, and is ‘dependent’ on the independent variable. In an experiment, the researcher is looking for the possible effect on the dependent variable that might be caused by changing the independent variable (McLeod, 2019).
In my project, the independent variable would be teaching methods and the dependent variable would be infection rates.

McLeod, S. (2019). What are Independent and Dependent Variables? Retrieved from

Alyssa Camacho
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Re: Topic 8 DQ 1

Variables in research are characteristics that can take on different values (Thomas, 2020). Independent variables can be thought of as the cause, or the value that is independent of the other variables in the study. Dependent variables can be thought of as the effect, or the value that changes depending on the independent variable. For my EBP project an independent variable that needs to be collected is an educational program for caregivers of heart failure patients. The dependent variables that need to be collected is the effect of the educational program on patient self-care behaviors and patient outcomes after the program completion. Collecting variables in EBP projects are important because determining cause and effect is an important part of scientific research (Thomas, 2020). Identifying which is the cause and which is the effect helps to evaluate the outcomes.
Thomas, L. (2020, September 18). Independent and Dependent Variables: Uses & Examples. Retrieved from
Re: Topic 8 DQ 2
April Toepfer
In clinical research, study results, which are statistically significant are often interpreted as being clinically important. While statistical significance indicates the reliability of the study results, clinical significance reflects its impact on clinical practice. In clinical practice, the “clinical significance” of a result is dependent on its implications on existing practice-treatment effect size being one of the most important factors that drives treatment decisions (Ranganathan, Pramesh, Buyse, 2015).
Clinical significance will support my project change with positive outcomes of prevented infections post procedures after the use of the most effective skin preparation solution resulting in positive patient experience.
Ranganathan, P., Pramesh, C.S., Buyse, M., (2015). Common pitfalls in statistical analysis:Clinical versus statistical significance. Retrieved from:

Re: Topic 8 DQ 2
Dounfo Thelusma
Clinical significance is essentially a subjective interpretation of research findings as meaningful for patient under care, and therefore likely to influence the behavior of healthcare provider. A clinically significant result occurs when medical experts believe that the finding is considerable enough to be medically crucial and hence be applied as a guide in provision of care to patients. Statistically significant result implies a relationship or a difference between the variables that was not solely caused by normal variation or chance. In this regard, statistical significance as a parameter in evidence based practice shows the extent or the likelihood that finding from research is true and does not occur by a chance. In evidence based research practice, statistical significance must always be determined before determination of clinical significance (Heavey, 2015).
I can use clinical significance to support positive outcomes in my project outcome by ensuring that the result is statistically significant: by ensuring proper education is provided to the individuals in question to promote low to no STDs.

Heavey, E. (2015). Differentiating Statistical Significance and Clinical Significance. American Nurse Today, 10(5): 26-28. Available from

Alyssa Camacho
1 posts
Re: Topic 8 DQ 2

Clinical significance is the importance of the effect practically, meaning whether or not it has real, noticeable, palpable effect on daily life (Ryan-Vig, 2019). Statistical significance means that there is a difference between variables that was not caused by normal variation or chance (Heavey, (n.d.)). In research a finding can be statistically significant but that does not mean it is necessarily clinically significant. “In many cases a statistically significant difference is clinically significant” (Heavey, (n.d.)). Determining the effects the educational program has on the patients and caregivers can determine if my project outcomes are clinically significant. If the outcomes are positive and show change in confidence between caregivers and patients, and better patient management of self-care, then my project could be clinically significant and the implementation was successful. Understanding what clinical significance is is important to making sure that the goal of the project is something that will make a real, noticeable and palpable effect on the patient and caregiver’s lives.

Heavey, E. (n.d.). Differentiating Statistical Significance and Clinical Significance. Retrieved from
Ryan-Vig, S. (2019, November 28). Clinically significant. Retrieved from

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The independent variable is the condition that you change in and experiment.

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