ASU Effective Instructions Require Clear and Accurate Writings Essay

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Before answering the writing prompt, please do the following:

  1. Review the “Overview” PDF slides: Overview of Technical Instructions.pdf
  2. Review the “Deliverable 1” PDF slides: Deliverable 1 – Written Instructions.pdf
  3. Watch the following 8-minute video

1Watch VideoExact Instructions Challenge – Ramen Edition | Josh Darnit

Duration: 8:06
User: n/a – Added: 8/20/17

YouTube URL:

Based on the PDF slides and video above, write a 300+ word response to the prompt below:

  1. In what THREE (3) WAYS does the first part of the video (when the kids were writing the instructions), highlight or relate to poorly written instructions? In other words, what were the kids doing wrong in their instructions (that you should avoid) that caused confusion and problems?
  2. Focus on the end of the video, when all 3 people (with varying ages, knowledge, and experience) were following instructions written by someone else, for the the next question: How did the three (dad, brother, sister) react to and/or how easy was it for them to follow the instructions written for them? How does the video highlight the importance of knowing/understanding your audience? Cite specific moments/examples from the video to explain your answer.
  3. What TWO (2) things were done well in the various instructions followed in the video? How do you think you will apply these two things to your own set of written instructions? Why did you pick those two things? How do those two things fulfill the requirements outlined in the “Overview” and/or “Deliverable 1” PDF slides?

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ASU Effective Instructions Require Clear and Accurate Writings Essay

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