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ASU Online The Rainforests Question


“Explain the physical geography of the natural region that interests you the most. Your essay will cover all aspects of physical geography covered. I encourage you to use subheadings. Pick one of the 4 topics of natural regions that interest you the most.

Maybe, pick the tundra if you’ve always wanted to visit Alaska or Iceland.

Maybe pick the desert if you want to learn more about deserts, or the rainforests if you are interested in the tropics. You’ll really dig into one of these so it should be something that interests you.

There should be headings in your essay and hence headings in your notes. The major headings are things like location, climate, weather, soils, hydrology, landforms, biogeography (plants and animals). Then, many of these headings will have subheadings. For example, the landforms (or hydrology and landforms) section always has separate subheadings. Make sure you write down lots of details in your notes.

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