Behavior Plan Essay


Behavior Plan Essay

Behavior Plan Essay


The school has asked Brian to help formulate a Behavior Plan by completing two documents. Be sure to address Kaiden’s behaviors at school as well as those at home. For example, you could include a reinforcement scheme that is contingent on good or bad reports each day from Kaiden’s teacher. You may also find it helpful to refer to the Observation Recording Form the school sent to Brian earlier. Use references from this module and include APA in-text citations.

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A B C Observation Recording Form (Classroom)

Observer: Dr. Driscoe Student: Kaiden

Location: Owen Elementary School; 2nd Grade Room B2 Teacher: Ms. George

Small group activity During classroom reading time, children take turns reading aloud from the book of the day. The group came to Kaiden’s turn.Kaiden was reluctant and whined that he did not want to read. Ms. George insisted, telling him that everyone has to read, including him. Kaiden began reading hesitantly, then began substituting bodily function sounds for words as he read.Kaiden’s classmates laughed. Ms. George told him to go back to his desk and sit quietly with his head down.
Independent activityThe whole class was working quietly on an independent phonics assignment.Kaiden suddenly got up from his desk and pushed on of his peers. When Ms. George quickly intervened, Kaiden exclaimed, “they all think I’m stupid! I can tell by the look on their face!”Ms. George took Kaiden out in the hall and reprimanded Kaiden. When they returned, Kaiden sheepishly apologized to the peer he had pushed.
Classroom transitionDuring a transition from indoor recess to full class academics, Ms. George called on the class to put away their toys, return to their desks, and pull out their math books.Kaiden did not respond to Ms. George’s direction. When prompted further, Kaiden exclaimed that it was “not fair,” and laid down on the floor in a display of passive resistance.Ms. George spoke with him sternly, and Kaiden had a meltdown, throwing toys on the floor. He was gently restrained by a classroom assistant, and sent to the principal’s office.
Full Class activityMs. George was teaching the full class the arithmetic lesson for the day.Kaiden was observed fidgeting in his chair, swinging his body back and forth, putting his head down, and leaning sideways across his chair such that he was in a recumbent position.Ms. George scolded Kaiden. Kaiden grew upset and complained that it was “not fair” for Ms. George to get angry because he had not broken any specific rule. Ms. George directed him to the time out corner, where he eventually calmed down.
Independent activityStudents were directed to complete an assignment individually.Kaiden began talking with some nearby peers. When redirected by Ms. George, Kaiden retorted that he should not have to do the assignment because it was “stupid.”Ms. George moved Kaiden’s desk out in the hall where he would not be disruptive to his peers. Kaiden was directed to complete his assignment ther

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