Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss about. Your discussion need not excee

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Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss about. Your discussion need not exceed 300 words but discussions with less than 150 words will be considered incomplete. Your discussion must be about the related topic and ought to sufficiently support your ideas and opinions with appropriate textbook citations, additional sources or relevant examples. Your discussion ought to exhibit good writing and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA level.Please ensure you adhere to APA and grammatical standards, there may be occasional, random Turn-it-in verification.Topic 1Political behavior refers to how people think, act, and feel concerning politics. It can be detected in people’s opinions, partisanship, political knowledge, campaigns, participation, and the media. Political behavior is evident in every institution that has any form of leadership. In the workplace, political behavior is evident in the way people influence others within the organization. For instance, an individual might express their opinion about an organization manager to others. As a result, people might agree with the opinion or debunk it depending on how persuasive the individual is and how they substantiate their claims (Training, 2010). If the majority agree with the individual, say, that the manager is a bully, they might agree to demonstrate and demand to have another manager. This is an excellent example of political behavior in the workplace.In school, students also express political behavior by the attitudes they express toward the monitors, class representatives, lectures, or any other official. Their actions, thoughts, and feelings about them might be revolutionary in that they bring change to the leadership structure. They might be complementary in that they express satisfaction with the management. The ethical implication for political behavior in the workplace ranges from normative issues, deontological frameworks, and virtue ethics. Some of the ethical implications include autonomy, non-maleficence, justice, equality, and non-harm. Concerning autonomy, everyone in the workplace should be free to give their political opinions so long as they are not spreading propaganda. The non-maleficence ethical standard requires that organization leaders should not blackmail employees, say, to support them or get fired. Every leader should be fair to everyone and express justice even to those who oppose them (Training, 2010). Political behavior should not be used to share resources; leaders should express equality to all members. Finally, leaders should not conspire to harm their opponents or anyone with a different political stance.

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Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss about. Your discussion need not excee

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