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Benefits of Organizational Restructuring


Theresa Freeman

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There are many different ways that an organization can reconstruct a business to gain an advantage in their market. I can think of many examples where a company changes how they do business. In the town I live in there are many mom and pops stores and restaurants. Many make their tickets by hand, take them to the kitchen, and us the ticket to cash out their customers. It is a bit old fashion and slow, and fast food restaurants have the advantage with technology. So a mom and pops restaurant would would have a better advantage upgrading to the point of sale systems (pos) to send and cash out orders. It is faster, more organized, and easy to keep try of when balancing the books.

Another example, is McDonald’s has been trying to stay on top of the food delivery service by hiring third party delivery drivers to bring their food to their customer’s door. Places like Uber eats, Door Dash, and postmates will delivery food from any place in town, and McDonald’s jumped on this platform to try reach more customers. These are just a few examples and only in one market. There are so many ways that a company can change to stay ahead It really depends on how their market is doing.

Camesha Reynolds

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

When an organization makes the decision to restructure there is typically a new to refresh the processes, downsize, reduce overhead costs or eliminate waste. Restructuring is about functioning more efficiently than the way before. A company can restructure to gain competitive advantage such as the New York Times. Some American’s still enjoy a newspaper but printing can be deemed as wasteful as in our current technologically driven world that has demand for information. The internet and capabilities of smart phones provide users with a wealth of information in seconds. Print will eventually become obsolete the more dependent society becomes on electronic readings. I knew I was relying on print less when I stopped buying calendars and newspapers. I pay a monthly fee to read newspaper article instead of buying newspapers. My Sunday coupons are also digital now so there is no longer a need to buy paper sand clip them. If companies with dated practices do not restructure from time to time there could be a missed opportunity to be innovative and enterprising and eventually meet the same fate of other dissolved companies.

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