Biology Question


  1. Define what it means to be human from an anatomical perspective by discussing what you learned in the class.
  2. Define what it means to be human from a cultural perspective by discussing what you learned in the class.
  3. Choose one of the fossil species that is not designated as Homo sapiens and make a convincing argument as to why they should be thought of as the first genuinely human beings. You must refer to specific anatomical and/or cultural facts.
  4. Use Academic Search Complete (EBSCO), found on this DVC Library page, to find two (2) published articlesabout this species that discuss their anatomy and/or culture. Websites, encyclopedias, and other books are not acceptable references for this assignment.
  5. Provide evidence to support your argument by discussing the specific details of anatomy and/or culture that are detailed in these references.
  6. Paraphrase important points to demonstrate that you read and understood both references.
  7. Use correct APA-style in-text notes to cites references when you use them in the body of your essay. Click here for guidelines on APA style in-text notes.
  8. Provide an APA-style list of only the references that you cited in your essay at the end of the paper. Click here for guidelines on the APA style list of references.
  9. Write a minimum of 1500 words (about 3 pages single-spaced).

IMPORTANT: No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated. This includes:

  • cutting and pasting words from anywhere without putting them in quotes, citing the source, and providing a reference
  • paraphrasing what you read somewhere without citing the source and providing a reference
  • attaching a bogus reference to a statement; claiming that your information came from a source it does not actually come from
  • having someone else write your paper

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