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Biopyschosocial assessment/ecomap and/or genogram/treatment plan


Please copy and paste link into address to watch the video before accepting this assignment, all instructions must be followed. thanks


To practice utilizing a client’s personal information to create a concise, yet robust and appropriate, biopsychosocial assessment.

Students will receive a detailed case ( included in attachment, please read in detail) from the instructor. The students’ assignment is to develop a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment for this child’s needs, and on the basis of this assessment, recommend a plausible intervention plan with one overarching goal, three reasonable objectives, and one relevant task for each objective.

REFER TO TIMBERLAKE & CUTLER Pp. 151-165 FOR SAMPLE AND FORMAT. – included in Assessment 1-4

The paper is expected to have three sections, and be organized in the following sequence:

  1. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION (the “what” or facts that exist or are missing; 2-3 pages) Write this section in a succinct narrative using the following headings.
    1. Identifying Information
      1. Description of the identified client: name, sex, age, grade/occupation
      2. Description of the immediate family and/or others in the household
      3. Description of parent-child interaction with attached ecomap and/or genogram (attached in Appendix A [not part of 2-3 pages]) to understand the child’s environmental context
    2. Presenting Problem
      1. Referral source
      2. History of presenting problem
      3. Precipitating event for the child’s presenting problem
      4. Manifestation of the presenting problem and its developmental and/or behavioral impact on the child’s developmental functioning, and behavior toward others (siblings, peers, parents, teachers, etc.)
      5. Parents’ or caregivers’ understanding or perception of the child’s presenting problem
      6. Teachers’ or school environment’s perception of the child’s presenting problem
      7. Presence of other problems in the child’s environment subject to treatment
    3. Developmental History
      1. Health history
      2. Developmental history
      3. School history
      4. Family (history of caregivers, substance abuse, violence, mental illness)
    4. Current Child Functioning
      1. Present developmental capacity in physical and mental and social functioning for age
      2. Current school and education functioning: Academic achievement, behavioral interaction with peers and adults in school context.
      3. Child’s own awareness and perception of the presenting problem
      4. Child’s strengths and competencies to cope or manage the presenting problem
      5. Presence of family resources, strengths, and capacity for addressing the problem
      6. Presence of any environmental resources or connections
      7. Presence of environmental barriers or challenge
  2. PSYCHOSOCIAL FORMULATION (1 page; of the child ONLY).
  3. TREATMENT PLAN (2-3 pages)
    1. Identify one overarching treatment goal. Discuss the rationale or logic for selecting this goal, and support your choice based on the child’s presenting problem and agency services.
    2. Select two objectives that serve to achieve the overarching goal. Discuss the rationale or logic for selecting each objective and support your discussion based on the information presented in section I of this paper.
    3. For each objective, present at least two tasks. Discuss who is responsible for carrying out each task, the timelines for task completion, how task completion would be measured (including tracking tools if relevant), and why the task is central to problem resolution.

Notes for developing this assignment:

  • Section I is expected to focus on the “facts” in the case without any subjective interpretation.
  • Section II focuses on your interpretation, analysis, or assessment of the situation.
  • Section III develops the treatment plan based on the proposed or recommended data collection and theoretical assessment of the situation.
  • The overall paper is to be 7-11 pages in length. This includes a title page, 5-7 pages of content, a reference page, and your appendix/appendices.
  • The paper should be formatted using APA format, be double spaced, and use font sized 12, Times New Roman.
  • This paper does not need to have an abstract

Please ask me any question for any about this paper. This is my Final assignment.




Points Earned

Assessment Section (2-3 pages): Includes sufficient but concise factual information on Identifying Information, Presenting Problem, Developmental History, and Current Child Functioning


Appropriate Genogram and/or Ecomap included in support of the assessment.


Psychosocial Formulation of Isaiah (1 page)


Treatment Plan (2-3 pages): Includes one overarching treatment goal, two objectives that serve to achieve the overarching goal, and at least two tasks for each objective. Goals, objectives and tasks should be SMART.


You correctly used APA formatting (i.e. cover page, running head, proper in-text citation and reference page, etc.) and the paper is presented in a professional manner.


Total Points


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