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body image.Assignment 1 – Media AssignmentThis assignment will help you explore the different types of media outlets and the influence that they have on adolescents. The rubric below will be used to assess your work.Choose a topic that reflects Medias influence on adolescents. For example: body image, violence, female representation, etc.Introduction:Write an introduction to this topic that is clear, concise and to the point.  Be sure to include a strong thesis statement that will capture your readers interest.Body:Choose three separate examples of media to discuss.  For example, if you were choosing to talk about how violence in media influences adolescents, you may choose to look at a video game, a music video, and a television show.Discuss each type of media outlet you have chosen.  You are going to identify, summarize and evaluate this media outlet.  Again, if we use violence as our topic and you choose to discuss a video game (example: Grand Theft Auto), you will need to talk about how violence is portrayed, and how this would influence adolescents.  Your evaluation should include a brief discussion regarding the significance of this media outlet.Conclusion:Summarize your findings.  As a result of your research on this topic, make some of your own recommendations (minimum of three).  Using the video game example, you could recommend that parents monitor what games are brought into the household until their child reaches a certain age.  Be sure that your recommendations are clear and well thought out.Important Information:This assignment must be submitted using the assigned Dropbox (see How to Submit online).This assignment must be done in APA format (6th edition). This includes citations, format/layout, and reference page.Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced (as per APA requirements).You need to include a cover page which includes your name, student number, institution, instructors name, and the due date.  (See APA manual for this).Assignment length is to be 5-6 pages of written content (double spaced) + a cover page and references page  **These two items do not count as part of your page requirements**  You do not need an abstract.You MUST use a minimum of 5 academic references: this includes things like books, peer reviewed journal articles, and published reports.  This does NOT include websites such as,, and other sources of that nature. The 5 academic references must be dated no earlier than 1996.Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction per day that the assignment is late.  (Unless you provide adequate documentation – please see Course Syllabus).Any questions please contact your instructor (see Instructor letter for contact information). “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”body image

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