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Book Analysis Paper. The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you have learned and give you the opportunity to see how the concepts and application of sport and exercise psychology are fundamental to the experience of sport, exercise, and performance.  Each student will be expected to choose a sport and exercise psychology related autobiographical or biographical book to read, review, and analyze. Through reading about individuals’ experiences with sport, exercise, and performance, and relating those experiences to the concepts from class and the textbook, you will more effectively learn about the field of sport and exercise psychology and how it can be applied to performance.  A list of potential books will be provided. If you would like to choose a book that is not on the list, you must first get it approved. BOOK: NO LIMITS:THE WILL TO SUCCEED-MICHAEL PHELPS Assignment Components (use the below components as headings in the paper):About the book: title, author, & summary (1 page) Analysis: Discuss the sport and exercise psychology concepts (at least 4) that are present in the book. Discuss each concept (i.e., what have we discussed about it in class) and describe in detail how each sport and exercise psychology concept is addressed in the book and how it relates to the material discussed in class and the textbook. For each concept, use at least 1 reference (peer-reviewed, credible reference other than the textbook or reading) to support your discussion about the concept and how it relates to the book. Make sure you cite your references in the paper! Use the sport and exercise psychology concepts as subheadings. (4-6 pages) Personal reflection: Reflect on your reading/analysis of the book as well as the course. Provide answers to the following questions: 1) what did you learn about that person’s experiences and the impact of psychology on their performance?, 2) what are the most influential and impactful things you have learned about sport psychology from this assignment and the course, and 3) how can/will you apply what you have learned from this assignment and the course personally and/or professionally?. (1-2 pages) Reference list (at least 4 other than the textbook/reading; in APA format – see (Links to an external site.))  “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Order now and Get 10% Discount! Use Code “Newclient”The post Book Analysis Paper appeared first on Psychology Homework.Book Analysis Paper

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