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book report on the following book “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame By Lansbury”


Submit an outline of your book here. The outline is meant to help with writing your report. It will help you to organize the main ideas of the book and will help you with writing the book report portion of the assignment.

Here is a guide for what an outline should look like. Slight variations are fine but this guide will help students who aren’t sure about how to create an outline:
Outline Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Every book for the report has unique content, but I would anticipate that each chapter outline would be at least one page, so one page per chapter. This means that the basic outline for each chapter will likely take up one page. This outline should have been in progress throughout the semester as discussed. It won’t be a continuous page but likely, the basic outline of each chapter will be more than one page.

The book report isn’t the same as the outline. The instructions for this 150 point project includes: the outline, the book report, the 3-5 points to submit to the board and the discussion participation.

Next: write your book report
Follow these guidelines:
OWL: Book Report

N (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ote: this is a nonfiction book so characters won’t be included but you can reflect on the ideas in the book and use the above guide.
Your report will include in text citations (Page numbers should be included and are required) from the book you have read to report. (75 points for outline and report)

Submit one page reflecting on how the book connects to the textbook information in the course. Use in text citations and reference here for the textbook. (30 points)

Submit one page with 3 to 5 points in the book that you would like to share with your classmates. Copy and paste this information to the discussion board with your book title and author at the top of your discussion post. (Do not upload the file, but copy and paste info to the board.) (30 points)

Each chapter of your individual books could easily be outlined just as a chapter in a textbook could be. Each chapter would have a main idea and supporting ideas. The outline for a chapter would help you to quickly recap the material covered within that chapter. The outline was meant to keep information cataloged and easy to review so you all would have everything in an easy to read format to refer to when the time came to write your report and to choose the top ideas to share with the class. While you may be able to do this in less than one page, I would like each chapter to be covered in your submitted outline which I first mentioned to the class in September in correspondence.
Outlined information will be unique for each student – you will all see different portions as being important! Please work on each portion of the book report independently. Turn It In will have a location for your outline, report, and the page that you post to the discussion board as well.

This is a major assignment as was meant to be worked on throughout the semester. I do hope you all have been diligently working on this so you won’t be overwhelmed during finals week.

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