Brain Damage and localization

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What is the point of brain damage most critical for function in a group patient known as?

a. lesion-symptom mapping

b. neurophysiology

c. convergence (describes the approach of combining results from multiple experimental paradigms to illuminate a single theoretical concept)

d. complementarity (The combination of data across multiple methods for measuring brain function, often to improve inferences about the nature of the generative neural processes)

possible source notes: This variability can be addressed to some degree by combining information about the locus of damage across a group of patients, allowing researchers to delineate the affected region that is common to the loss of a particular function (Figure 2.2). The region of overlap among a group of patients more accurately defines the part of the brain relevant to the cognitive function at issue. Notably, only with the advent of modern brain imaging techniques did this approach of col- lating information concerning the overlapping of brain lesions into a common space become very practical or accurate.

Figure 2.2: Combining information across subjects helps to localize the brain region underlying a cognitive deficit

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Brain Damage and localization

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