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I found this article super interesting. Today, it is essential for countries to have preferential trade agreements. The U.K. is in such a new situation that they have to peruse these trade agreements quite quickly since they are no longer a part of Brexit. With the U.S. being the United Kingdom’s largest trading partner this makes an agreement essential. I found the interest in exporting agriculture very interesting. In the US we grow and produce products using a large number of GMO seeds. The U.K. has in the past had major issues with these and not knowing if there will be long term effects. This is something that producers need to keep in mind before they attempt to export these products. The consumer market and regulations are very different for GMOs. I also think that it is interesting that they would like to export health care. I do not think that this is a very promising area due to the government provided health care system already in place. From the U.K. citizens perspective they seen the U.S. health care system as very corrupt. I do not think that this is something there will be a demand for. The US and UK have traditionally been trading partners and the past predicts the future. Thus I believe this trend will continue and an agreement will be made in the near future.

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I learned a lot from this article. Before reading this, I didn’t know what Brexit was. I think this is a big step for the UK moving forward into bigger trade agreements. One big thing I never knew was how much of an influence the US is for the UK. The US is the UK’s number one trade partner, and is also the number one destination for UK goods. The US and the UK are wanting to get into bigger markets, and I think it may be difficult, but also very helpful for each other. Moving forward, the US wants to get into business with trading medical supplies and agriculture. The hardest part about these are the restrictions and different guidelines that are enforced in the UK with those types of product. For agriculture, other countries tend to not like the GMOs as well as other pesticides and chemicals that are used in our farming industry. In the medical field, they are strict because of the National Health Service they have. I think it is cool that they are most likely going to get into agreements with other products such as cashmere and whiskey, which will help out in the textile and alcohol industry. Lastly, I think it is a good thing that tarriffs are being suspended during these negotiations. I think they make it much more difficult to work with and it makes goods more expensive for consumers. It seems like the US will be getting a lot of good out of this deal if it goes through.

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