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Broward Community College Acronym JAM Stands for Jazz Appreciation Month Questions


Exam #4 – 8:00AM MUL2010 Music Appreciation ClassTerm 2 -2021 (150 points)
April 29, 2021 8:30AM Final Class: Final Exam/Exam #4 Essay Due!
The Final Exam #4 is due on or before April 29, 2021 8:00AM! DO NOT BE LATE!
Complete the following questions for a grade.
Number your essay Parts and answers. Submit through the Desire2Learn class Email,
with the subject labeled as Final Exam #4.
If you have any questions please email me through the class Desire2Learn email.
Part 1 (100 points)
Go to the following website:
Investigate this site by clicking on the following sections under the JAM Menu:
Home; Partners; JAM FAQ; Events; 112 Ways To Celebrate Jazz; Logo and Posters;
Radio Announcements; Directory Of Jazz Societies
Use the information in the sections to answer the following questions.
1) What does the acronym “JAM” stand for?
2) When was “JAM” started?
3) Why was April chosen?
4) What Jazz musician is being celebrated this year in the poster?
5) Who designated JAM and which organizations are involved in promoting this effort?
6) What Jazz Societies are located in South Florida? List at least five.
7) What are some suggestions on how can you celebrate “JAM”? Give a list of five.
8) Click on the link under, Education “Today In Jazz History”. Look up your birthday.
What happened on your birthday?
9) What are some of the “Collections and Archives”? Give a list of five “Collections and
10) In the JAM Radio Announcements, what does Stanley Clarke mention in both
versions of his PSAʼs?
Part 2:
Video Sessions (50 points)
Go to the NPR Website (National Public Radio) at:
Watch the video and listen to the interview with the featured Artist, Ma Xiaohui
performing on the“erhu”, a traditional Chinese instrument.
First, listen to the interview, with Robert Siegel and the featured artist Ma Xiaohui.
This audio segment is call, “Listen: Ma XiaoHui plays and chats with Robert Siegel”.
Second, listen to the melody by Fritz Kreislerʼs “Liebesleid” at

Continue with the NPR interview, watch the two video segments on this webpage,
“Video: MaXiaoHui Tells the Story of Her Erhu” and “Video: Ma XiaoHui Performs”.
Use this information, from the links above, to answer the following questions.
1. In your own words, describe the musical performance that you are experiencing in
this “Video Sessions: The Sonorous Strings of the Erhu”.
Try to use musical terms, to describe the following musical elements of the
a. “musical texture”
b. “tempo”
c. “dynamics”
d. “pitch range”
e. “instrumentation”
2. Give some background about the “performance practices” on the erhu.
How is sound generated from the erhu?
Describe the instrument and how the sound is produced in these performances.
Include the following terms, “pizzicato”, “arco”, “violin”, in your answer!

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