Build a dictionary in C++


Our satisfied clients are back to ask us to implement another interactive dictionary. Our dictionary takes input from users
and uses the input as search key to look up values associated with the key. Requirements:
– Coding: No hard coding, Please think about Dynamic and Scalable.
– Data Source: A text file, Data.CS.SFSU.txt . Please think about Software Deployment and Usability.
– Data Structure: Use existing data structure(s) or create new data structure(s) to store our dictionary’s data. Each keyword,
each part of speech, and each definition must be stored in a separate data field. Do not combine them such as storing
three parts in one String.
– Data Loading: When our program starts, it loads all the original data from the Data Source into our dictionary’s data
structure. The data source file is opened once and closed once per run. It must be closed as soon as possible. It must be
closed before our program starts interacting with users.
– User Interface: A program interface allows users to input search keys. This interface then displays returned results. Our
program searches the dictionary’s data (not the data source text file) for values associated with the search keys.
– Identical Output: Our program’s output must be identical to the complete sample run’s output: Assignment-03_PC_Run.pdf

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