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BUS 485 Environmental and Industry Analysis.


BUS 485 Environmental and Industry Analysis.

BUS 485 Environmental and Industry Analysis.


This is a group assignment and I’m only responsible for the intro and question #1. The company my group selected was Ikea

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an environmental scan and industry analysis on a company and identify how external and industry environmental factors impact the operational and competitive landscapes of your corporation.

Perform an external environmental scan and industry environmental analysis on this publicly traded company from the perspective of a business unit. Begin your analysis with the seven segments of the general environment (Figure 2.1) and the five forces of competition model (Figure 2.2) as presented in the text, and then complete a detailed outline of the meaningful trends, issues, and factors that impact or are likely to impact the overall competitive landscape for your company in the future. The purpose of this multilevel analytical approach is to break down macro trends and issues until you identify how exactly they affect your company and business unit.

This analysis will require significant research. Although the framework suggested is structured, this assignment is not intended to be a linear exercise. Be creative in your research—the entire idea of strategy lies in having information or insight that your competition may not have, so this assignment may require a little digging. Tables C-2 and C-3 in the textbook indicate where each of the listed companies are mentioned within the text, but these references will only serve as a starting place. You may want to look for standardized SEC corporate filings and industry analyses through the GCU library, or you could also begin your research by consulting online NAICS databases, SEC filing databases (such as EDGAR), or sources like business and industry periodicals.

The format of your analysis is limited only by your own creativity, though the “Environmental and Industry Analysis Framework” resource may be referenced as one method of organizing your research. While you may choose to use an Excel spreadsheet to show your thought process and research, it is not required, and the attached framework is intended to serve as an example rather than a template.

Ikea is the company selected!

I need an intro and question 1 answered below. Each portion should be written in 150 – 200 words and I should have at least one reference. The info can be written on a word document as the leader will compile each person’s parts and put the paper together. Please title it to show what part is the Intro and what part is question 1 as well as providing info on the reference. Info to the textbook is below in case it’s needed.

Intro – 150 – 200 words

Question 1 – Sectors of the external environment and the five forces of competition.

Here is the textbook info, please let me know if you need my info to get access

Read Chapter 3 in Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization: Concepts and Cases


Table C-2 and C-3 starts on page 469 and the company we select it tells you what chapters in the book case studies were discussed regarding this company in case you need that for research as well.

Other articles that may help with question 1


This is what the chart look like on page 469 and if you look on the next page it will show you what chapters in the book give case studies and info on Ikea, the company we selected. Please see the document attached as it has an example of what the table looks like.


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