Business Environment and Marketing Research

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For the company you chose for your background report in Module 1, select at least one of the products they make and complete the following in an MS PowerPoint presentation of approximately 10 slides:

    1. Identify at least three variables that you believe are important in segmenting the market, and discuss why you believe these variables to be the ones in differentiating customers for the product.


    1. Select and describe at least two possible target market segments that you would expect to see emerge based on a combination of these variables. Describe their respective profiles (based on demographic and psychographic variables).


    1. Identify at least one difference that could influence the purchasing behavior between the two segments.


    1. For the firm that markets your product, suggest which segment would be best for targeting. You should consider all the five factors used to select the target market.


    1. Use the Notes section of PowerPoint to add clarity to your slides.


    1. Use at least three references in your presentation and include at least one graph or chart.


  1. Include a title and a reference slide.

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Business Environment and Marketing Research

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