business game:capsim report


must know how to play capsim!!!!

I will give you my capsim account information


pleas writing the capsim report based on the data and information that present in each round and business plan

  • Introduction and company overview
  • Strategic Posture
    • Strategic history of the organization (over the 6 rounds)
    • Organizational mission statement and strategic vision
    • Business level strategy
  • External Analysis: Industry and Environment
    • Strategic history of the industry
    • Five-Forces analysis of the industry
    • Segment Analysis OR Competitive Dynamics Analysis
  • Internal Analysis
    • Functional analysis – Explains the business model that includes all the functions. You will address questions such as: What did the team do in in each functional level in each round? How the general strategy was implemented? That is, how did the strategic choices being made in each round relate to the general strategy? What were the observed outcomes?
    • Financial analysis – A financial analysis of the firm in comparison to the industry.
    • Organizational structure and culture (think about group-level dynamics among the TMT members)
    • VRIN Analysis
    • Core and distinctive competencies
  • Summary: SWOT (listing and explanation)

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