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This week your questions are from chapters 8 in the READ and ATTEND, so be sure to read and view all of the material including the Shampoo Case (pg. 306-307). EACH of the 4 responses must contain a MINIMUM of 250 words (not including the reference list). For the week, you need a MINIMUM of 3 EBSCO scholarly sources cited and referenced in your work. These sources are to cover the CONSUMER BEHAVIOR TOPICS in the questions, NOT the products or services discussed. APA Format

Question 1

Describe Cream Silk’s promotion within the context of the multi-attribute model: Which attribute(s) were central to the promotion and how does the model explain what the company was trying to accomplish with the “Human Hair Quartet?” What limitations might this model have for predicting consumer’s attitudes and purchase behavior towards Cream Silk? (Hint: Take a look at the Theory of Reasoned Action pg 276.)

Question 2

In contrast to the Cream Silk promotion, Old Spice used its characteristically quirky approach to persuade men to try its hair care products. The integrated campaign, “That’s the Power of Hair,” incorporated a popular Huey Lewis tune, an interactive Web site, and funny ads featuring animated hair. Discuss the type of message appeal and the Elaboration Likelihood Model route each campaign used.

Question 3

How comfortable should consumers be in letting the reviews of others influence where and how they travel? What are the pros and cons?

Question 4

What steps do you recommend a hotel take when dealing with a negative online review? Find one example of a hotel that has done a good job of responding to a negative review.

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