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Caliber Training Institute Ethical Problems Facing Nestle Company Discussion Paper


In This is PR read

Chapter 5, Theoretical Underpinnings

Chapter 6, PR Ethics and Responsibilities

Chapter 7, PR and the Law

To complete this assignment, please select a famous person or a company with ethical problems and answer these questions.

1)What ethical problems being faced?

2) What legal issues are involved?Be sure to use the text.

3)What strategy would you suggest as the PR representative to improve the person’s image?

4)How would this strategy affect the different publics?

5)If you were the PR person in this situation, which of your ethics would be helpful and which ones could provide a problem for you?

Remember to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the text material.Write out the questions completely and then answer them.Be sure to support your ideas with outside research.Use the APA method of documentation.This paper should be 7-10 pages minimum.

Ethical Reasoning Rubric

Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)

Understanding Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Thoroughly researches and discusses the problems

Adequately researches and discusses the problems

Has little research or discussion

Ethical Issue Recognition/Legal

Thoroughly and correctly identifies the legal problems based on research

Identifies the legal problems

Has little research of discussion of the legal problems.

Application of Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Creatively develops strategies which will improve the future image.

Develops strategies which will help improve the image

Has little or inadequate discussion of strategies

Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Paper includes an elaborate explanation of how this proposed strategy might impact all of the audiences involved.

Proposes the outcome of addressing these issues.

Has little outcome of what the outcome of these strategies might be.

Ethical Self-Awareness

Thoroughly discusses his or her own personal ethics as they apply to this situation

Discusses his or her own personal ethical dilemmas

Has little personal application of ethics

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