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Can anyone answer these questions thoroughly, grammar free, and


For this critical research paper, you
will write a sourced argument on a topic relative to the literary period,
authors, and/or their works we have covered this term.  All
citations should be according to the MLA format (including a Works Cited Page).
the information in the
Henry Louis, Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay. Eds. The Norton Anthology of African American
Literature 3rd Edition
guide your argument.

Undergraduate papers should be 10-12 pages in length (not
including the Works Cited Page) and must be supported by four to six outside
critical sources. 

Slavery is a horrible thing.  However the
experience of slavery for women and their narratives such as Harriet Jacobs and Sojourner Truth are far more horrid than those of men such
as Frederick Douglass and William Wells Brown.****

****If you can
provide a better argument than this please let me know asap****

Formatting your essay

Your essay should be formatted
according to the following specifications:

double-spaced, with a one-inch margin

pages numbered (w/the exception of the first

typeface close to Times New Roman, 12-pt font

no cover page, please

heading in upper-left corner of the first page
with:  your name, the course number,
assignment name (Critical Research Paper),  and date

essay title: 
centered, and placed 2 lines after heading and 2 lines before essay text

Grading Breakdown-Total possible points=400 points

Statement & Outline Assignment (100 possible points)

Is the essay logically structured around a single, coherent thesis?  Does
the thesis directly address a central topic or theme in the literary piece? Is
the thesis clearly presented at the beginning of the essay, and then supported
throughout the body of the essay? Is the thesis delivered in a compelling

Support & Development 100 possible points)Does the essay provide ample and
appropriate evidence in support of the thesis?  Does the essay provide
sufficient examples and illustrations from the chosen literary text?  Is
the supporting evidence persuasively presented?  Do all of the paragraphs
in the body of the essay clearly relate to the main argument?

Writing (100 possible points)Is the essay’s prose clear to read? Are the ideas insightful and easy to
understand?  Are the sentences
well-organized within each paragraph, and is each paragraph well-organized
within the body of the essay?  Is the
essay generally free of grammatical and spelling mistakes which might distract
or confuse the reader?

Critical Thinking (50 possible points)Does the essay demonstrate
sophisticated skills in critical thinking?  Does the argument go beyond
surface generalizations, mere summary, and commonplace ideas?

Creativity/Originality (50 possible points)Does the essay demonstrate some degree
of originality or creativity on the writer’s part?

*****I need this assignment by 8pm
central standard time Sunday May 10th, 2015.*****

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