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Can I get help with designing Student Information System (SIS)?


MIS 470

Final Project – Fall

This project will focus on
Human-Computer Interaction covered in Chapter 14, Designing Accurate Data Entry
Procedures covered in Chapter 15, and Quality Assurance and Implementation
covered in Chapter 16.  For this project,
we will continue working on our new Student Information System (SIS) for a
small liberal arts university who is developing an online college that we
worked on in Assignment 3.  You realize
that human-computer interaction will be a critical factor in this project.  You also realize that designing accurate data
entry procedures will be essential for accuracy of your student data within the
system.  Once the system is completed,
you also realize that a comprehensive plan to rollout, train, and disaster
recovery will be critical to the new system. 
For this project, you will be
developing a proposal to outline why your company should be hired to design and
implement this system. 

First, design a Web- based form fill
interface to input basic student registration information into the system.  The information which needs to be entered
into the system includes the following: Student First Name, Last Name, Middle
Initial, Social Security Number, Birthday, Home Address, Mailing Address, Phone
Number, Email Address, High School, ACT Score, Major, Expected Graduation
Date.  You can use Word, Excel, or
PowerPoint to design this layout.  Make
it both functional and attractive.  Think
of this as your screen prototype of how the system will look and work.  DO NOT MAKE IT AN EXACT COPY OF MUW’s
APPLICATION! – Worth 25 % of total project grade

Second, discuss in a paragraph what
types of user feedback would be necessary on the student registration
information form.  Give at least 3
examples of the fields where the feedback would be needed and the type of
feedback which would be used.  You can also include graphical examples of
what the feedback might look like. – Worth 10% of total project grade

Based on techniques covered in
Chapter 15, what fields would need input/data validation?  Describe how would you validate the data for
those fields?  Finally, how would you be
able to insure that duplicate entries were avoided?  What fields would you use to determine if an
entry is a duplicate? – Worth 10% of total project grade

Finally, develop a training and
implementation plan for the new system.  This
is where you present your idea on how you will roll out the new system and
train employees to use it.  You will also
layout your disaster recovery plan as part of your sales pitch. 

1.)  Develop a plan for rolling out the new system. – Don’t get bogged down on
this, you can do this in a paragraph or two. – Worth 15 % of total project

2.)  Develop a training plan for the new system including who will need
training, types of training offered, refresher training if necessary, and
documentation that will be needed for the new system. – Again, don’t get too
lost in the weeds on this.  This could be
a paragraph or two – Worth 15% of total project grade.

3.)  Finally, develop a brief disaster recovery plan for the new system.  – Emphasis on brief, but it should include at
a minimum description of physical and software security, backup or duplication
plan (or both), and plan for testing of recovery plan. – Worth 25% of total
project grade. 

Put this together with a cover sheet
as if you are presenting it to the executive making the decision on whether or
not to hire your team to develop this system. 
This project will be due on December 7th, at 10pm.  You will also do a brief video presentation
to outline your proposal. 

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