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CASE: HP Deskjet Printer Supply Chain – HBS Case (Excel needs to be used)


Note that for the HP Deskjet Case, I have uploaded an updated Exhibit 4 (that i have included). I ask that you use the data in this document (rather than the Exhibit 4 on the case pdf) for your analysis.

Questions for Case Analysis

Use the Excel file titled “HP Deskjet – Fall 2020 Data – Exhibit 4” to conduct your analysis )instead of data on Exhibit 4 of the case)

Hewlett-Packard Co.: DeskJet Printer Supply Chain (A)

1.What are the industry characteristics, the product characteristics, and the supply chain characteristics?

2.What has caused the so-called Inventory/Service “Crisis”?

3.What are the important “drivers” of safety stock?

4.Recommend quantitative target inventory levels for the six European options, assuming weekly periodic review replenishment.

5.How would you evaluate the various alternatives available to Brent Cartier to address the inventory and service problem? Use Exact to show your calculations and prove your analysis

6.How would the different alternatives available to Brent affect the supply chain? How do you think the different stakeholders will react towards the alternatives? If you were Brent Cartier, what would you recommend? How would you sell your recommendation to the many different organizations involved?

7.If HP were to face the situation described in the case today (during the COVID pandemic), how would their inventory, supply chain decisions, and their approach to various strategic alternatives change compared to the situation where the didn’t have to face this additional challenge?

The criteria and information can be found under the “Case Study file”

I have also included a book. Page 342 might help with solving thew question 4

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