Case of Sharon and her Family


Case of Sharon and her Family

Case of Sharon and her Family

  • In this 6 to 8-page paper (page count excludes title page and reference page), you will discuss  the transgenerational  model) and the classic family therapy models from module 4 (the structural model) and apply the chosen models to the Case of Sharon and her Family (Thomlison pp. 196-197).
  • Do not use an abstract with this paper, start with a standard APA title page.
  • Include an introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement as well as a brief explanation of why you chose the two models you selected.
  • The main body of your paper should be 4 to 5 pages and must demonstrate the differences in the two approaches chosen, including a brief description of each model and the key intervention strategies and expected outcomes of each approach. Be sure to include specific examples of what the family therapist would do and say in each of these models and how the therapist would work with the family overall. Your work should clearly address the question; what is the family therapist most interested in when they are working in each of these models and how do they engage the family in the therapeutic process? Include cultural and ethical considerations that might arise in working with this family from these perspectives.
  • Conclude your paper with a 1 to 2-page summary that compares and contrasts both approaches along with a critical analysis of which model you feel would be most beneficial to this family; including the degree to which you believe these models are or are not strengths-based and sensitive to culture and trauma-informed principles of care.
  • Please use the Goldenberg text along with a minimum of 6 other academic sources to support your work. There are a number of excellent references listed in the Thomlison text, you are welcome to use some of these as long as you cite something beyond what is cited in Thomlison, you will need to retrieve a copy of the full articles to do this. You must appropriately cite all resources used in the paper and include a list of APA-style references at the end of your paper.


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Case of Sharon and Her Family: Family Structure and Family Supports Barbara Thomlison and Karen Blasé

“If I know anything about raising my family, it’s that no one is going to pay attention unless it’s really bad. So I’ve learned to holler real loud until somebody listens.” Those are Sharon’s perceptions as a single parent raising three children, holding down two jobs, and facing the challenges presented by her oldest son. Sharon is 33 years old and is the sole provider for herself and her three children: Brian, who is 15, Cindy, age 14, and Mark, who is 11. The family lives in a transitional neighborhood and would be characterized as “working poor.” Sharon holds down a job as a bus driver and cleans offices and homes in the evening and on weekends. She is determined to avoid welfare but is increasingly frustrated as she tries to make ends meet. The family typically accesses the food bank at least once a month. There is no financial or emotional support from either of the two men who fathered the chil- dren. Brian and Cindy’s father abandoned his common-law relationship with Sharon shortly after Cindy was born and has not contacted the family since. Mark’s father was very physically and emo- tionally abusive to Sharon, and she ran to a women’s shelter when Mark was three. All three children witnessed the abuse of Sharon.

During the last few years, Sharon, who is very committed to her children, has struggled to get help for her oldest son, Brian, and to keep her family together. Brian maintained a 70 average in grade seven. Then he began to be withdrawn and depressed, and he periodically left suicide notes and notes referring to his mother’s violent death. He also was caught exposing himself several times at school activities. His physical aggression towards his mother and his siblings became a weekly if not daily occurrence. During an agonizing two-year period of escalating problems, Sharon frequently called Social Services and discussed the issues with her family physician, and she repeatedly accessed the emer- gency room at the hospital in efforts to get help for her family. While Brian was placed on a waiting list for counseling as a result of a physician referral, other services recommended that the police be called to deal with Brian’s aggression and property destruction. Social Services did not see the issues as related to child welfare mandates, and the hospital had no services to offer. Before Brian could receive counseling, he was caught sexually molesting a younger girl at his school, was expelled from school, and was subsequently arrested, resulting in three months in an open-custody setting.

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