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CASE STUDY( Alzheimer’s Disease ).


CASE STUDY( Alzheimer’s Disease ).

CASE STUDY( Alzheimer’s Disease ).


Students will develop a case to prepare an oral presentation (Power Point). Based on Alzheimer’s disease

In the oral presentation, students will describe the mental health disorder, the case study, biopsychopsocial assessment, diagnosis, and the therapeutic model used for the intervention.

For this oral presentation, student has to use the Virtual Library or Learning Resource Center on your campuses to research about the mental health disorder, assessment, and intervention

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Case Study:

Maria is a 30-year-old female who displays no interest in any activity and seems to lack any kind of motivation or energy. She is excessively sleeping and always sad during the last 2 weeks. Maria has been working at a startup company for the past 2 years. She was suddenly fired from her job 2 weeks ago due to conflicts at work with co-workers and being late at work several times from sleeping in. After being told she was fired from her job, she went home and started drinking to cope with the distress of this loss. A concerned best friend suggested her to get counseling services. Maria is not eating well and cries at lot. Her mood was stable prior to this job loss, and she had no self-harm or suicidal thoughts in the past 1 year, but she reports that sometimes she does not want to live any more. Maria reports that she feels physically healthy.

Maria has increased alcohol use for the past 3 months, drinking up to 5 beers per day. She has a history of depression and alcohol use disorder (moderate). She used to be a soccer player and has a history of multiple concussions.

Maria has family members with depression and bipolar disorder on maternal side of her family. There is a history of alcohol use disorder on paternal side.

Maria was born in Colombia, and she is US citizen. She came to US when she was 2-year-old, and she attended to college and graduated in Administration. There was a parental divorce at age 5. She has three older brothers. She only keeps in touch with one of them. She describes an invalidating childhood, afraid and in fear where parents did not acknowledge or praise her. She experienced sexual abuse and trauma at age 12. She is in a 2-year relationship with a male partner, and there have been recent arguments about the direction of their relationship. She describes a long-standing fear of being abandoned in relationships, and reports having difficult relationships with friends/family. Financially, she is struggling to pay rent and living from paycheque-to-paycheque. Maria reported that she used to go to a church, but she stops attending.

Maria reported she enjoyed her college and displayed a strong interest in specific activities and hobbies such as playing tennis with her roommate, reading, and singing, but not anymore. Maria reported that she is not an intelligent person, always making bad decisions.


1) Analyze the case and identify the biological factors, psychological, and social factors based on the information reported by Maria.

2) In the oral presentation, students will describe the mental health disorder, the case study, biopsychosocial assessment, diagnosis, and  the therapeutic model used for the intervention.

3) Identify strengths on Maria

4) Identify Protective factors and Risk factors.

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