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Part 1

  • What do you feel you need to be successful in terms of your career in the Early Childhood field? (Address what you need from Post University, your instructor, and yourself)
  • What do you hope to achieve in this course? What were your expectations prior to starting and how has it evolved or changed?
  • How are you feeling about your first week at Post University? How do you feel about the journey ahead?

Part 2

  • Rate your overall time management skills. How effective are you in managing time?
  • What changes have you made or plan to make in order to add this course in to your daily schedule?
  • What is one area related to time management that you think might need some improving?

Part 3

After completing the Conley Readiness Index activity (located above), please make a post in your journal to discuss your results and action plan with your instructor.

  • Include a short summary of your most significant takeaway from the assessment, including identifying the recommended actions.
  • Name two (2) of your skills that you think will be most useful to you in achieving your future goals. How will these skills benefit you?

Congratulations on completing the Conley Readiness Index (CRI)! This diagnostic instrument measured your behaviors, skills, and attitudes, as well as your knowledge in specific areas. All of these are key to college and career success.

Your CRI Report shows what you indicated as your strengths and weaknesses and helps you identify areas where you will want to continue building your strengths as well as those areas where you may want to improve on any weaknesses. Remember, the information in this report is based on the answers you provided and is only as accurate as you were when responding to the questions.

Your institution may have resources available to help you continue developing your college and career readiness behaviors, skills, and attitudes. Speak with your instructor, advisor, or other college staff to get more information on the resources available to you.

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