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CC Types of Computers Artificial Intelligence & Supercomputers Discussion


Discussion Forum: Types of Computers

Provide information in one or two paragraphs, about the different types of computers. Which one do you find most appealing? Why?

Mention and explain at least three (3) of them. React to two (2) colleagues contributing to the discussion.

first student said:Arroyo Types of Computers

1. Microcomputers: it is a computer that can execute all input activities. This has at least one “input” device, one “processing”, one “output” one of “storage”, memory and r”processor processing”.

2. Mainframes: It is more powerful thanthe previous two can have thousands or hundreds of users connected to it at once. As the mini computers act as a server in a networking environment.

3.Supercomputers: It is the most powerful and expensive of all computers. It is capable of processing trillions of instructions in one second. They can be used in applications where sophisticated mathematical calculations are required.

The one that I find most attractive is the supercomputers because I see that it can solve thousands of problems and can help me a lot in tasks and other things. second student said Hernandez: Types of computer:

1.Supercomputer: The most powerful supercomputer in the world is located at China’s National Defense Technology University. It’s called Tianhe-2 and has an average yield of 33.48. As an informative fact, each petaflop means that the computer is capable of performing more than a billion operations per second.

2.Personal computers: The most visible face of computing is personal computers, which have their origins in equipment built since 1970 and were originally called microcomputers. They are characterized by having a microprocessor and are designed to fulfill the most common tasks of today’s computing,such as web browsing, productivity and entertainment. Laptops and desktops are types of desktop computers.

3. Hybrid computers: Emerging from 2012, hybrid computers are a mix between a laptop and a tablet. Thought primarily as an evolved tablet to offer more productivity options, hybrid computers have a lot of potential in the future of computing. Almost all computer brands currently manufacture hybrid computers, although the Microsoft Surface is considered as the pioneer in the field and the newly announced iPad Pro as one of the ones that will drive this market the most.

the one that seems best to me is the supercomputer I saw which is a computer that is layers of storing a lot of information super fast.

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