CCS160 Research Show Case


Research Showcase (15%): SLO 1,2,3, 4. 150 points possible.

The research showcase requires you to research a topic related to the course and will require you to incorporate at least three critical, scholarly sources related to the text or readings you have selected as the basis for your study. Other types of sources may be used in addition to the scholarly works. You may reference course readings, but they will not count toward your three required sources.

Objectives to keep in mind:

describe how identities (i.e. religious, gender, ethnic, racial, class, sexual orientation, disability, and/or age) are shaped by cultural and societal influences in contexts of equality and inequality;

describe historical, social, political, and economic processes producing diversity, equality, and

structured inequalities in the U.S.;

describe social actions which have led to greater equality and social justice in the U.S. (i.e. religious, gender, ethnic, racial, class, sexual orientation, disability, and/or age); and

recognize and appreciate constructive interactions between people from different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups in the U.S,

Topic Brainstorm Ideas

Reviewing a film or book with course themes in mind

a comparison of Chicanx biographies to illustrate a course theme(you may build on the research you did for your Biographical Highlight)

examining a collective of scholars or activists as they relate to course themes (queeranderismo/joteria scholars, Las Hijas de Cuauhtemoc, etc)

a collection of works (plays, poetry, artwork, murals, public art installations) as they relate to course themes

zooming in to a particular historical event to emphasize course themes (first Chicana feminist conference, Chicana Movement, Adelitas – women in the Mexican Revolution, gender in Aztec Civilizations, Chicanas in Social Media/Digital Activism, etc)

social media and/or present day activism as it relates to course themes

whatever compelling themes/issues that give you life to research and present on (curanderas, media representations, policy makers, chisme & mitote, podcasts, comics, movies, etc)


This assignment requires you to present your findings in a way that is viewable online and accessible to our peers (e.g. Instagram page, mock website, blog, powerpoint, google docs, video, prezi, flip through mock comic, a short video, a series of TikTok posts, your own podcast segment, a YouTube video, etc.). Remember to credit your sources in your project! If you think of this piece as a decolonized way of sharing your research with different communities instead of locking that knowledge into the pearly gates of the ivory tower of academia, you might have an easier time.

Submit a 4 page reflection that discusses:

Your process, challenges, joys, and overall experience in researching and framing your findings in a way that asked you to go beyond a traditional research paper.

How did this assignment activate course themes for you?

How did your research shape your approach?


Length of projects will vary depending on the medium you choose to present your findings. I’m emphasizing joy as defined by you in terms of the format, length, and process of sharing your results. Use your best judgement in being intentional about your objectives.

Attached and links below are some of the course themes, please do the research project based on them

the legacy of suffrage, coraje y fuerza:…

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