CE320-Fluid Mechanics


it’s on class questions ( 6 questions ) it will be tomorrow at (( 3:15 eastern time )) and the professor will give us ( 15 to 20 min ) to do each problem. and those is about those 6 topics. i also attached the review problems that the professor give us to get ready for it. hope to get a expert for those cause it’s very important.

(( if i do good on it it will invite all of my friends to work with you as well as i will do all of my work with you.))

if you are not expert on those topics please don’t pick it. and (((( please give me your Bides if you are an expert ))))

1. Shear stress

2. manometer

3. p=gammh

4. hydrostatic forces

5. burnoullis Principle

6. pump problem

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