CE320-Fluid Mechanics


it’s on class questions ( 6 questions ) it will be tomorrow at (( 3:15 eastern time )) and the professor will give us ( 15 to 20 min ) to do each problem. and those is about those 6 topics. i also attached the review problems that the professor give us to get ready for it. hope to get a expert for those cause it’s very important. ((( please give me your Bids if you are an expert )))

(( if i do good on it it will invite all of my friends to work with you as well as i will do all of my work with you.))

if you are not expert on those topics please don’t pick it.

1. Shear stress

2. manometer

3. p=gammh

4. hydrostatic forces

5. burnoullis Principle

6. pump problem

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