Central Virginia Community College Production Line of the Managers Discussion

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What are you going to do to best resolve this staffing shortfall and get the cups to the customer on time?




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You are the Line Manager in a manufacturing plant of 400 employees. You are responsible for the Paper Cup line, a (3) shift, 6 day per week operation (Mon-Sat) that has 9 different stations on the line. Each shift has its own Shift Supervisor who also reports to you. Each station MUST be populated or the line can’t run. The Company sells some of its products, but not your line, to the US Navy SeaBee base in Gulfport, MS. There are several other lines in the plant with similar but different products. Over the years, employees have changed jobs frequently thruout the plant. It is now Monday morning at 7am, but on Friday, you were advised that:

2 long term employees had just resigned under the “At Will” doctrine

1 employee on third shift has been suspended for 2 weeks for violation of the Substance Abuse Policy.

2 employees have been approved for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) to tend to elderly parents for 1 month

2 employees have “bid out” under the company’s job posting system

The Sales Dept just called and the Company just received an order from the NOLA Superdome for 1,000,000 cups that must be delivered by Saturday for the Saints home opener on Sunday.

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Central Virginia Community College Production Line of the Managers Discussion

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