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Change letter brainstorming board (not a rough draft! Please read instructions carefully before posting!)

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The purpose of this assignment is to harness the “cognitive lightning” I talk about in the video on drafting. I mention Jump Associates i (Links to an external site.)n this video, a firm that gets paid silly amounts of money to brainstorm for companies (among other services). So indeed, brainstorming is a thing, and a good thing at that.

I will not grade these posts on any writing elements because your post SHOULD be a bit haphazard and looseleaf. That’s the point.

Anyway, here is my suggested procedure:


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2) Ask me questions via email if you have them and/or set up a meeting with me to brainstorm.

3) Write a list of issues you might tackle for this assignment. Relax and let your mind wander a bit. Feel free to include silly things (letter to self: stop procrastinating) or things about your personal life. You can leave these out on the next step.

4) This is what you will post to this topic. Set a timer for at least 30 minutes (I would prefer up to an hour if you can do it) and do just this one task: write in a flowing and relaxed manner about one or two of the issues you identified in step 3. Just go for it. Do this in an outside app, not Canvas, so you have it for later and you can edit it before posting.

For extra fun, write this as a dialogue between you and your intended recipient. This can make things interesting!

5) Edit to leave out anything you don’t want others in the class to see. Then post without worrying too much about the writing (see above).

6) Within two days of posting, respond to the other members of your group. These can be brief.

That’s it. Cognitive lightning, folks!


pls reply on these comments too:

1. When I look at my surroundings, I feel nature and fresh air. I walk into my dorm and the first thing I look at is my plants. I have at least seven indoor plants crowded amongst my space. I have a money tree, a bamboo plant, a corn leaf plant, a ponytail plant, a peace Lilly, and two more which I still have not identified. Each has its own unique taking care habits. Some need extra sun than others, some need less or more water, it is a lot more challenging than I expected. One thing I have not mastered or took into consideration is knowing when they need water, some might look like they do but they really do not. That resulted in overdoing it and basically giving them root rot, which is a whole other issue. I see other plant parents on social platforms and their plants look healthy and alive, while mine are turning yellow and the leaves are all droopy. I do not know If that is an editing situation, but I am just confused. I am not someone who would be considered to have a green thumb. However, most people I know do not have an existential crisis about it. But worry plagued me for months as I watched my plants perish. When I told a friend about my inner turmoil, he just laughed. I did not even notice a tree in my parents’ home had died until the leaves started to blow into my room. I did not expect to hate my houseplants. I thought filling my dorm with tiny vessels of verdure would create a stress-free sanctuary. At least that is what Instagram and my friends told me. I personally do not like doing this to my plants, it makes me feel unsuccessful and disappointed. I did not feel like I could just throw out my plants. My love of nature paired with anxiety — which sounds better when I call it self-oriented perfectionism — made it impossible for me to get rid of living things, even when it was clear I did not know how to fix the problem. I have researched and researched to have a resolution to this problem. I truly do care about my plants and every time I see a plant at a store, I have to buy it. I even have given them each a name. I lose track of who is who, but that is not the focus. There are so many steps to take into consideration when taking care of an indoor plant. You have to make sure they are at a proper temperature, the right amount of water, etc. I have a plan laid out to make sure my house plant babies survive. I will purchase better pots that have a draining hole, so they do not drown. Most of my pots do not have that. I will take into consideration which plant needs more water and which ones do not. With these steps, I am hopeful that my plants will survive a couple of years.

2. When I think of customer service situations I think of my experience with GIGBYTE when I was sent defective parts while building my computer. When there are any defective computer parts customers go through an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), which include throughout troubleshooting steps. Some of these troubleshooting steps included dissembling and reassembling of pieces to isolate the issue. I had told my representative all the troubleshooting steps I have taken and was told to ship my product in with a prepaid label. When I got the response from GIGBYTE telling me that they had done their testing and found the issue, they claimed to have corrected it and were processing a replacement. After receiving the replacement the issue continued to happen and I proceeded to file another RMA. It was very frustrating to have gone through the same issue twice and there was no accountability on their end to send me a working product. A suggestion I would give to their customers service team would be to test the replacement parts to make sure they are in working condition. That preliminary testing would save the customer time and the firm money.

At my previous job I was one of the managers for a small Korean BBQ restaurant that was open until 2AM. At 10PM the kitchen staff would go home and leave the kitchen with no one in it for 4 hours of the day. During that time, if there were any orders that came in that were not simply meats, then I would have to cook those dishes. This creating a staffing issue where there were not enough employees on the floor and there was no management to help with customer service issues. While I worked there and now that I don’t, I still recommend that we either hire kitchen staff to stay longer or we let customers know that after 10PM the kitchen to be limited to only meats. This would solve the issue of not having people on the floor and could better serve customers that were in store.

3. Cransten CEO,

I enjoyed my time working at Cransten as a Handyman Recruiter and I’m excited to see you continue to expand. I have a suggestion that I feel would drastically improve your recruiting and retention. I was instructed to discuss only positive attributes of the position and company and avoid disclosure of potential frustrations to my handyman candidates. This made them more inclined to accept the position, however, it also made them more inclined to immediately quit. Your high rates of turnover are costing you an immense amount of money in hiring fees (my wages), stagnating your growth and blinding you to the reason your company isn’t very profitable. In an effort to help your business (and especially importantly, maintain my integrity with my candidates), I chose to provide full disclosures. This negatively impacted my hiring rate, but drastically improved my retention rate. I strongly suggest you instruct your other recruiters in the future to do the same. If you find it creates too much difficulty in recruiting, that is not a problem. Rather, it highlights problems that may already exist: company policies that may be too unfavorable to your employees to tolerate for the pay you’re offering (unpaid time, unreliable hours, etc).

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