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Chapter 5 Reflection Part A – Language Identity


Chapter 5 Reflection Part A – Language Identity

Part A: Response to Chapter Reflection Question(s) (Worth 10 Points)

Each student will need to read the assigned chapter(s) and readings for the week.

Additionally, students must watch the two videos

Once student has read the assigned chapter, readings and watched the Video then student must answer the assigned Chapter Reflection Question(s) for the week.

Chapter 5 Reflection:

Chapter Reflection Chapter 5: Language Identity and Education

1. Define what is Immersion Program and Dual Language Program

2. State the Pros and Cons of each type of program (Immersion and Dual Language)- make sure to support your claims with textbook or lecture and cite in APA.

2. Summarize the two Videos.

3. Summarize the assigned reading “Welcoming Kalenna: Making Our Students Feel at Home” by Negri-Pool and address what steps did teacher take to connect with Kalenna and her family?

4. Summarize the assigned reading “Strawberry Field Forever?” by (Ramirez) and address what key concepts made this teachers approach Developmentally-Appropriate for her students?

5. Summarize the assigned reading “Talking the Talk” by DeWeese-Parkinson and address what was something that stood out to you in this classroom? What are your thoughts on “qualified” challenge?

4. State how the Videos and Readings relate to each other

5. How can you help a student with similar issues- what would you implement in your future classroom and why- must explain well.

Must address all parts of the questions and must be in essay format should be 4 PAGES

Use key terms and define the terms, be specific, provide details, and examples to help support your thoughts. Remember to write in essay format, cite and reference the textbook or PowerPoints in APA.

Remember to be detailed, use key words and explain your response. Remember to cite and reference textbook

Each Chapter Reflection Question(s) response needs to answer the question entirely, be specific and detailed, spelling and grammar applies, and must cite the textbook accordingly to APA style/format. Students need to aim for detailed 4 page response that cites textbook in APA and references the textbook at the end the post in APA (similar as reference page).

I dont have the article “Strawberry Field Forever?” by (Ramirez) . Hope fully you can get it. I attached the other 2 articles. Please cite these articles.

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