Chapter 8 question

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1. Based on what you have learned from Chapter 8, the PowerPoint presentations, and the article assignments, explain how early communication with responsive caregivers can determine children’s later language abilities in relation to brain development. (Resource – Article: Language Development: A Key to Lifelong Learning).

2. A. How do songs, music, and fingerplays express the meaning of language to infants and toddlers?B. What did you gain from perusing Dr. Jean’s Web site? Note: Research reputable Songs/Music and Fingerplay sites for infants and toddlers. (See resources listed in the Learning Modules).

3. View the video, “Family & Community Engagement,” (FACE, Scholastic). This video focuses on bringing literacy and high-quality storybooks into the lives of children, especially those who may live in poverty. A. List three important points that you gained from this video. B. What could you do to spark a classroom, center, and/or community project to ensure that all children have access to age-appropriate literacy? C. Consider the fact that not all parents/guardians can read to their children using the English language. How can YOU ensure that storybooks are available to children that can be read in the child’s and parents’/guardians’ home language? Note: This course is based on social & emotional development. Reading to young children is a language-rich approach where meaningful relationships blossom through social & emotional connections with caring adults.

4. A. Share an age-appropriate board book or storybook that you would enjoy reading to infants and/or toddlers that promote social and emotional development. B.Describe a developmentally appropriate activity based on the story theme that you would implement with a toddler or three-year-old. Pictures are appreciated!

5. A. Describe three overarching takeaways from Chapter 8 that you will implement as a present or future caregiver/teacher. Share, with your peers, your feeling about the course thus far.

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