Chem120 lab report


To complete this lab, print and follow the instructions in the Student Sheet for Day one found here

I have adapted that content to Canvas as follows:

  1. Turn to the The Coke Lab (pg 56) in the DVC CHEM 120 Lab Manual. If you are having trouble acquiring the lab manual, please click here for a PDF of this lab in the manual.Actions Please note we have changed the procedure for your virtual class to use Snapple and Diet Snapple. Otherwise the procedure is the same! The procedure videos follow the procedure described in your lab manual starting on page 62.
  2. Fill in the Prelab Notes of the student sheet as you watch these prelab videos:
  1. Answer the following questions HANDWRITTEN .
    • What is the difference in how you read volumes from each of the volume measuring instruments used in this laboratory?
    • Watch the linked video below from minute 4:10-6:00 min. What are two things this professor does not do that your pipetting prelab video suggested were important for proper volumetric pipet technique?Video link for this question
    • 4. Prepare a Lab Notebook entry for this lab containing the following sections as described in the Percent Water in a Hydrate Lab:
      • Name, Section #
      • Title
      • Purpose (2-3 sentence description of the purpose of the experiment.
      • Equipment
      • Data Tables for Measured and Calculated values
      • Calculations
    • Please note, you will be measuring density of BOTH Snapple and Diet Snapple for this lab. Please plan that as you create your data tables!

    1. Collect data and record in your data tables by watching the videos for each sample and each volume measuring method by the first letter in your last name as outlined in the table below:
    2. Video Links for Pipet Data: Snapple Pipet (Links to an external site.)Diet Snapple Pipet
    3. Video Links for Buret Data: Snapple Buret (Links to an external site.)
      Diet Snapple Buret
    4. Video Links for Graduated Cylinder Data: Snapple Graduated Cyl (Links to an external site.)
      Diet Snapple Graduated Cyl
      1. Check your calculated values by using the downloadable Excel Calc Check Spreadsheet for the Coke Lab on Canvas found here. You should be able to work in the downloaded Excel app on a desktop or laptop or in the Cloud based Excel platform available with your insite id. Please do not try to use this spreadsheet in Google Sheets! Its features do not work in that! To see a video helping you use this spreadsheet, click here (Links to an external site.).
      2. Lab Report Expectations: Scan your lab notebook pages and the handwritten Day One Student Sheet with prelab notes and questions handwritten as a SINGLE PDF. Upload the PDF to Canvas. Also upload both excel calculation spreadsheets for a total of 3 files. For instructions on how to upload multiple files to Canvas, click here (Links to an external site.).

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