Children , Poverty, Housing


1. After completing the module on children’s rights and polices, what do you believe is critical to address in policy and advocacy efforts to advance equality, justice, and well-being for children?

2.Housing is an example of economic inequality, privilege, and the low wages of many working people in our society. What is a policy example, that if enacted you believe would make a positive difference for those who are struggling to secure and maintain safe housing? Write the message out as you would present it to those with policy making authority. Sell your idea!

3.The effects of Covid 19 has widened the divide between those with financial resources and those without financial resources. Now there is a growing fear that the distribution of a vaccine will be influenced by those with money and power. Specify what you would include in a national policy to guide the distribution of the vaccine to ensure equity in distribution?

4.What are the concepts and ideas you learned in this course that will be beneficial to your area of interest a social work practitioner?

All questions are short essay questions!!

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