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City Colleges of Chicago Human Muscular System Essay


  1. Choose a topic of interest learned from chapters 1-5 (i.e. reaction time, affordances, attentional focus)
  2. (20 points) a) Do a literature search to find four peer reviewed journal articles on your desired topic from the last ten years (only one article can be from outside the Unites States) and b) Create a reference page (APA) listing the articles found, and c) include a cover page. Grade is based on referencing four articles in proper APA format and cover page.
  3. (80 points – 20 points per review) Write a 1-2 page, double-spaced critical review of each article (4) in which you summarize the purpose, methods, and results (discussion and conclusion can be combined) of the study (in your own words; do not copy their abstract; cite properly). Grammar, sentence structure, and references/citations are included in the grade.
  4. Submit as one Word document: cover page, four article summaries, and reference page

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