civilization today. Mesapotamia Nubia Egypt Greece Persia Hellenistic Era Carthage

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Task:Choose ONE of these civilizations and write a paper that argues in favor of why it is important for us to learn about thiscivilization today.MesapotamiaNubiaEgyptGreecePersiaHellenistic EraCarthageRomeSources:Use the texts that we have been studying throughout the semester to locate the information that will help you write aconvincing argument. Please note: the texts you need to complete this task are the texts wehave studied during this course. Attached are the Texts needed to complete this assignment.I don’t have the PDF for the textbook used. But here is the title in case you find it on your end.A History of Western SocietyMcKay, et alBedford/St. Martins, 13th edition, Value Edition, 2019.ISBN: 9781319112455There is no need for you to go out and find sources on your own. In fact, I would urgeyou not to.Audience:When you write Paper 3, your imaginary audience will be a group of people whose opinionsyou need to change so that they agree with you. This group of people could be anything from the members of yourbook circle, to the members of the PTA meetings at your children’s school, the readers or editors of a major newspaper, an elected representative, a good friend, a historical figure we have learned about this semester, or the extraterrestrials who have arrived to make contact. The choice is yours. The format of your paper will depend on whichaudience you choose to address, e.g., a letter, a PM, an op-ed, an article, a speech.Again, the choice is yours.Passing Grade:Regardless of the format you choose, for a passing grade, your paper needs to be written inyour own words and consist of a thesis statement, an argument, a conclusion, and a list of works cited. It needs tocontain accurately included quotes immediately followed byaccurately formatted footnotes as well as summaries of the information found in yoursources according to the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes and Bibliography). The papershould be no more than 1,500 words excluding the bibliography (1490–1510 words is acceptable).Due date:This paper is due on Sunday April 17 at 11:59 p.m.

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civilization today. Mesapotamia Nubia Egypt Greece Persia Hellenistic Era Carthage

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