CJUS 395 Serial killers


This paper needs to be at least 6-8 pages and cited when need be with a reference page. APA will be fine for citation purposes. If there is any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

The topic I would like to research is mental illness within Serial Killers. I would like to study the impact that mental illness has on serial killers. I would like to explore the different many aspects of mental illness and how it aids in the needs and desires of serial killers that leads them to take the life of others. There are many stereotypes of mental illness, so I also plan on touching briefly on this. In my paper I will also talk about a famous serial killer and their mental illness and how it has affected their life. Lastly, I will explore whether or not the particular mental illness this individual has affects their victim choice. I will elaborate more on that studying if their history and mental illness affects the availability to commit the crime, vulnerability and desirability. My hope is to be able to support my findings with evidence and sum up my research and overall succeed and understanding the strong impact mental illness has with serial killers.

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