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Comedy of Errors Dramaturgy Research and Study Guide


Before the assignment instructions, To do this assignment you should have read the comedy of errors play before or at least watched any kind of production for this play.

Comedy of Errors

Dramaturgy Research & Study Guide

ASSIGNMENT: Read the Study Guide for OSU’s production of Comedy of Errors. (see attachments)

  1. READ: “From the Production Team” (pg 6-15)
    1. Starting on pg. 6 with the “Director’s Concept” through “Note on Staging Technique” on pg. 15
    1. Based on the Director’s Concept, what is the dramatic intention of this production?
      1. In other words, what themes of Comedy of Errors is this production highlighting and exploring?
      2. What creative choices are the directors and production team making, to bring those themes to life on stage?
    2. How did the “Note from the Dramaturg deepen your understanding of Shakespeare’s play?
  1. READ: “Questions for Further Exploration” (pg 23)
  2. RESPOND: Choose TWO questions from this section, and write a written response.
  1. READ: “More! Background Information” (pg 24- pg 29)
  2. RESPOND: Create THREE guiding questions for your Production Response Paper.
    1. After you see OSU’s Production of Comedy of Errors, you will write an essay responding to the production.
    2. Use this study guide to help you create questions, that you can discuss in your response paper to the production.
    3. Possible topics and areas of focus in your response paper may include: Design, Acting, Staging, Production Concept.
    4. Question Examples:
      1. How will the production’s design bring the world of the play to life?
      2. How will this production successfully reach their intended audience?
      3. What will the actors do to differentiate between the twins, and make it clear for the audience?

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